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Confessions on a dance floor world tour lauches in Los Angelas, California May 21, 2006.
Madonna and her team are hard at work preparing for the launch. See madonna rehearse and accomplish those high kicks at her age. I love her bod, it's so healthy and in shape. I need to know what she does to keep it like that. Watch the video By clicking Here: brings you an exclusive video sneak peak from behind the scenes of rehearsals from the Confessions Tour which launches on Sunday, May 21st in Los Angeles. Click on either of the formats below to check it out!

Soccer is such a friendly sport.

I reached conclusion that socer is the way to meet guys. Every time I spot soccer and payers there always all over each other like butter and bread. I have also concluded that FIFA is really just a big orgy of champaign and soccer. God why could not have been born to be a soccer player. I bet you that my sex life would have been much more interesting then it is currently.
Let me dream that I am being touched and kissed by one of those yummy players. It's like watching a Romeo & Juliet movie but much more intense and gay.

RCMP accepts same-sex marriage. Can that be true?

The Royal Canadian Mounties Police are proudly enviting you to join in the celebration of the union of same-sex marriage. This joyous occasion will be convining on a Friday night at Yarmouth, Ontario Canada. Const. Jason Tree and Const. David Connors will don their scarlet dress uniforms, stand before family, friends and co-workers and wed in the first same-sex marriage in the RCMP’s storied history.

Although they have a lot of support from fellow officers, they aren’t immune to teasing and have heard joking remarks about being Brokeback Mounties. "I’ve heard that, and it’s funny," Const. Connors said. Read the full story Thanx Rémi :-)



Here's the latest painting that Micheal Breyette has showcased. The painting represents his the masculinity of construction men, but also shows the volnerability that constructoion men have when two men have a mutual attraction for eachother without loosing that natural masculinity that is so well progressed.

My official Bio

I have never properly introduced myself to any of u, so now that I relaxed and have time for my self, I will let you know a short spool about me. My name is Marco. I am Portuguese. I have Br eyes and Br Hair. I am 26 yar's old. Well travelled and educated. My passion is involved in HIV/AIDS youth and Marketing. I live in Ontario, Canada. I have a loving family and maybe you have not noticed, hint hint, but I am a gay boy. I love traveling to Europe and Asia. I have just started my career in the marketin field and currently I have been appointed by GYCA ( United nations) to the regional focal points delegate for North America. I spend most of my time with family and friends. Going to school and participating in community activities. I hope that you are enjoying my blog. I created this blog especially for my interest but also to make others aware of the beauty in life. If any of you wish you contact me, please do. I love getting comments and I promise to reply to them with time.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You Are Somewhat Machiavellian

You're not going to mow over everyone to get ahead...
But you're also powerful enough to make things happen for yourself.
You understand how the world works, even when it's an ugly place.
You just don't get ugly yourself - unless you have to!

Having a good week.

well I fnally posted some new posts. hope that you guy's enjoy them . Don't take them to serious now. I have had a really busy week. My weekend was full of work and weddings. My job is goin well. Busy but well.I will be trying to post blogs on a regular basis, but you know how it is, You get home home work or the gym and you lay down and you feel tired. You hit the sack and your out like a light. In the mean time I came upon this post. Cyclists not really my thing, but when I found this pic I had to posted. I can only say, HMMMMM......

That's it from me now. See you.


NHL fans will love (or perhaps not) this AIDS awareness ad from Switzerland. (Click image for extra flesh.) There’s a joke to be made here about shooting inside the crease or a high stick or something, but I don’t know enough about hockey to make it. And is that Jake Gyllenhaal on the right? See more executions, including one with naked female fencers, over at Houtlust.

Toronto Plastic Surgery

Thanks to the success of US television shows like Extreme Makeover, plastic surgery is fast becoming the norm. The latest advertising campaign for Canadian surgery ‘Toronto Plastic Surgery’ takes it one step further. Ad agency DDB Canada dreamt up this clever idea – allowing consumers to test-drive a new nose shape while drinking their coffee. We love it. by Billy T

Sugar Baby Love/AIDS

A guy discover his sexuality in this French campaign for AIDS awareness. Another fine work from Wilfred Brimo, who also directed the 2005 campaign.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I'v had these pic laying around for some time and I thoguht I would give all of you the chance to see swimmers in action. Speedos are so hot, for so many reasons.
Gay Couple Weds In Brisbane's British Consulate: Lesbian couple in Queensland is hoping to spark more debate about gay marriage by taking the plunge at the offices of the British Consulate-General this afternoon. Sharon Dane and Elaine Crump are dual Australian-British citizens, which lets them take advantage of new UK laws making gay civil partnerships legal. They think it is ironic that Queensland, once renowned as one of Australia's most conservative states, will play host to their gay wedding.Source:

Controversial Gay Soap Opera Grips Cuba:It is the first time that television in Cuba has dared to broach the subject. It never even screened Strawberries and Chocolate, a classic Cuban film about the marginalisation of gay people. The soap - The Dark Side of the Moon - shows the problems a bisexual man faces in today's Cuba, including his friends' revulsion and rejection by his parents. Source:

Same-Sex Couples Forced Into Exile From US Flock To Britain: growing number of gay and lesbian Americans are being forced to leave the United States and resettle in Britain, where new immigration rules grant them the same rights as straight couples, according to the New York-based civil rights organisation Human Rights Watch. "Many US citizens go into exile to preserve their families and stay with their life partners," says an HRW report, Family, Unvalued, released this week. "When US citizens' foreign partners are not permitted to live with them in their country, Americans are forced to uproot themselves and leave their families, their jobs, their communities and country. Often, they turn to one of the 19 countries with laws that let citizens sponsor their same-sex partners for immigration purposes." Source:

Most Gay Americans Are Out, Study Claims:A new census conducted annually by the School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in New York suggests that 97% of gay Americans are out to their families, friends and at work. That statistic, which some activists are suggesting seems unreasonably high, is partnered with several other percentages in the Gay/Lesbian Consumer Census Online, conducted in partnership with the media relations group OpusComm. Source:

Ideals Collide as Vatican Rethinks Condom Ban:ROME, May 1 — Even at the Vatican, not all sacred beliefs are absolute: Thou shalt not kill, but war can be just. Now, behind the quiet walls, a clash is shaping up involving two poles of near certainty: the church's long-held ban on condoms and its advocacy of human life. Source:

How AIDS Changed America:Behind the scenes, Hollywood wasn't nearly as progressive as it likes to appear. John Erman recalls the uphill battle getting the 1985 AIDS drama, "An Early Frost," on TV. "The meetings we had with NBC's Standards and Practices [the network's censors] were absolutely medieval," says Erman. Source:

Note: All news is taken from various sources. Contact me if you need info


1. Hips Don't Lye Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean
2. SOS (Edited) Rihanna
3. Dani California Red Hot Chilli Peppers
4. Not Ready To Make Nice Dixie Chicks
5. Black Horse & The Cherry Tree KT Tunstall
6. Devil in a Midnight Mass Billy Talent
7. Promiscuous Nelly Furtado Feat. Timbaland
8. Beep The Pusy Cat Dulls
9. Savin Me NickelBack
10.Move Along The All American-Rejects


The pics being used are exclusive shots to ohlalaparis..

In collaboration with the mostreadAmericanMagazine GENRE and the famous Photographer Joe Oppesidano, GENRE Mays cover spread is a mix oftwo worlds . The shots are a gay men's ultimate fantasy of hunk buff boys playing in the lucker room with other boys. Did I mention the underwear are not bad at all too.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Madonna goes goddess black/Confeesions tour

With her upcoming world tour beginning at the end of the month, Madonna has linked up with W magazine to shoot a 58 page spread that will be coinciding with the theme of her World Tour. She will be collaborating with Jean Paul Gaultier for the official costumes that she will be wearing on her Tour which will be based on the riding tux seen on the sketches by Jean Paul Gaultier. Click here for more pictures of the magazine. Powerful, black, goth and very much Madonna.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Naked In NewYork

Hey guy's. I hope that your night was satisfatory. I will not post the usual amount that I ususally post. I need to get to bed. I have a long and exciting day tommorrow. I will let you all know soon. I think that the net post will be concentrating longer on my event's, then on the bys.

Later boy's. Speaking of boy's. Does any one know who this is. I call him Naked in New York...

Michael Breyette

Here's is a new painting that the onderful Micheal Breyette has painted. i love is work. I feature quite freqntly his art. I love the colours that he uses, the strokes and the themes. If you are interested in getting to know Michael's workmuch better or wanna support his work then check out more.


I love this pic. I ususally never come around shots that include two a my fovourite things. Photography and men. How lucky am I ....

Axe Knickers Ad

This ad is to demonstrate the stretchiness of Axe's men's knicker range starts out super-saucy and ends up simply silly.

Matt and Dave at BBH alongside director Jake Nava have come up with a fantastically observed pa
A sultry pouting brunette struts down a darkened corridor and begins to size up the muscular man before her. She tantalisingly allows her hands to explore his torso, her hands reaching further and further down, until with a raise of her eyebrows, she makes a discovery... His super-stretchy pants. She suggestively pulls on the front of the underwear for an obscenely long time, only to let them snap back, leaving her muscle-man smarting. Delightfully funny.
Glassworks' Tareq Kubaisi created a beautiful grade for the ad, while Tristian Wake cleaned up in Smoke.
stiche of all those aftershave and undie commercials we've grown to love to hate.
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